about us

We specialize in helping clients evaluate and implement solution in their front to back office for portfolio management and trading, IBOR, enterprise data, and corporate actions. We have over 20 years of experience working with investment managers, custodians, software firms, data providers, depositories, and industry working groups to lead the strategy, evaluation, and implementation of successful solutions. We maintain a keen eye on delivering high-impact results to meet clients' strategic business objectives.

STP Consulting Solutions was founded by Chris Kotsifas in 2007 to meet the demand for corporate actions and enterprise data management consulting among financial services companies in the securities industry and has since evolved to offer full front to back office coverage. STP is a small, nimble firm providing clients with subject matter expertise, securities industry experience, and fundamental knowledge of business analysis and project management. STP's consultants are senior advisors, project managers, and business analysts with over 20 years experience in financial services and IT.